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Can This Toothbrush Save You From Gum Disease?

Staying healthy is hard

From having a good diet to an effective exercise routine, it’s not easy to manage. But what about oral hygiene? Americans spend so much time focused on other aspects of health, we often forget about oral hygiene. The fact is oral hygiene is equally as important in maintaining your overall well being. Lack of oral care can lead to diseases like tooth decay, and periodontal diseases which can lead to loss of teeth. In fact, studies show gum disease has been linked to heart disease and even strokes. When you’re taking care of your oral health, you’re taking care of your whole body. So before you go ahead and get that cheap replacement brush from the supermarket, take a look at the brush that can clean your teeth the way that’s vital to your health.

Showing off their fresh gums.

Can this smart device help you stay healthy?

The reality is everyone has to go to the dentist for checkups, no matter how well they brush and take care of their oral hygiene. However, many people don’t effectively clean their teeth. Whether it’s due to sheer neglect, improper brushing techniques, or even products that just don’t get the job done, it’s difficult to give your mouth the care it deserves. Nonetheless, poor hygiene is a choice! Until recently, the technology of at-home dental care had not kept up with the lifestyle demands of the 21st century. So it’s true that someone who brushes regularly might still be at risk for tooth decay and periodontal diseases, which can lead to an array of other health issues. This is because manual toothbrushes and even some electric brushes aren’t fit to thoroughly clean the entire mouth. There are places these brushes simply can’t reach, and the addition of human error on brushing time and method leaves a lot of room for neglected hygiene.

Staying healthy with the AutoBrush and tea.

What does The AutoBrush do?

A true revolution in at-home dental technology, this automatic toothbrush is hands-free and features teeth whitening capabilities. Not only that, but it’s specifically designed to brush across all necessary angles of the teeth, and since it’s automatic, you’ll never miss a spot. Instead of worrying about getting every spot, you press start and let the AutoBrush do its work.

Another issue it solves is the amount of time spent brushing. Most people don’t brush long enough, either because they don’t know how long to brush, or they get impatient and stop. Both of these problems are things of the past, as the AutoBrush takes under 20 seconds to deliver a complete brushing. Because it’s brushing all of your teeth at once, it takes significantly less time than manually brushing each part of the mouth consecutively. So other than brushing for the correct amount of time, you’ll also save plenty of time in the morning and at night with this 360-degree toothbrush.

The AutoBrush.

Teeth Whitening

It also saves on the teeth whitening trips, as it’s also a whitening brush that boasts blue LED light technology. The innovative hands-free toothbrush offers a teeth whitening kit that works with the brush’s built-in blue LED light feature. Blue LED light significantly speeds up the teeth whitening process after the whitening kit is applied, making it quicker, safer, and painless. Surprisingly, the whole whitening process only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Multitasking with the AutoBrush.

Can it help your health?

Oral health isn’t just important to save on dental bills. Poor hygiene, especially over a long time period, can put an individual at great risk for other diseases. While you might think a little bad breath at home when no one’s around is harmless, it could potentially be a greater problem. For example, did you know that having gum disease increases the risk of your first heart attack by 28%? This means that someone who takes care of their dental hygiene and doesn’t have gum disease is significantly less likely to have a heart attack. If that’s not scary enough, more than 80% of Americans are living with gum or periodontal disease. Phoning it in with a regular brush is simply an unnecessary risk in this modern era.

Making the change to the AutoBrush

Don’t waste another moment risking your health and getting sub-par dental care at home, you know that dental checkup is coming up. It’s time to start taking care of your health. Check out the AutoBrush right now.